Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Sexual Harassment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Sexual Harassment - Essay Example Asking for sexual favors is a direct form of sexual harassment but in some cases indirect favors are also an important element of sexual harassment. The individual involved is either asked for the favor for a reward or he/she is put in such an environment that it becomes hostile for him (Lewis 2001). Many link sexual harassment to be a gender specific situation as most of the cases are seen to be following the women who are subordinating certain individuals. These sexual harassment situations not only lead to deleterious effects on health but they also affect the state of mind of the individual concerned. Sexual harassment is not only related to workplace environments but is also related to the people who are working in military and the service sector (Street et al 2008). Sexual harassment not only refers to the sexual favors but it also relates to the body language of the individuals. Behaviors that are unwelcome by individuals and can be clearly anticipated for making someone offen ded are said to be incorporating the broad definition of sexual harassment (Australian Human Rights Commission, 2013). Actions that are pervasive and considered hostile are also associated with the sexual harassment situations. It is also seen that sexual harassment can lead to post traumatic stress disorder in many people as the person undergoes anxiety and depression after undergoing these situations (Street et al 2008). More studies help to find out the correlation of race with sexual harassment as it can be seen that the African Americans are likely to come under the situations of sexual harassment more often than their counterparts. Adolescence is also a factor for the increase in the cases of sexual harassment as found by a study conducted by Goldstein (Goldstein et al 2007). The elements of sexual harassment that have not been reviewed properly are related to the sex

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