Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Reading Journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Reading Journal - Essay Example However, this only happens when the people involved can relate or interact in one way or another, subject to the language factor that brings them together. Without language, therefore, personal and social relations and interactions become crippled to some significant extent. The manner in which Hoffman captures these aspects is thrilling. Another interesting factor of language is the development of culture. Notably, Hoffman’s work demonstrates this by showing the relationship between her and Canada, and later the United States. On the same note, her family associates with Canadian culture through language and the sense of belonging that attaches this family to the new country of Canada (Hoffman 219). Every aspect of life exhibited by Hoffman and her family denote the presence and subsequent practice of language and culture. The theme of language and culture is further exhibited as the family gets used to thee Canadian life. This is a new country and a new environment for both Hoffman and the family. The language they knew is foreign in Canada. The culture they were used to is a new phenomenon that does not feature in Canada or the United States. Amid difficulties, Hoffman and her family find it easy to engage Canadian people in conversations due to their ability to overcome language and communication barriers. Persons who once encountered difficulties in language now encounter ease in expressing themselves. In order to fit into the Canadian system of social life, there was need for a change and/or shift in language and culture. Hoffman can now identify with her language and culture in the foreign land, and so does her family. Hoffman made a lifetime decision to have her accustomed to the Canadian way of life. Ultimately, her family took the same course of action. From the Polish way of life, Hoffman and her family undergo a state of language and culture change to embrace the

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